Do I need to have prior experience to join the team?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. UW Baja accepts all engineering students from any year. You just have to be committed to learning and helping out. Our team leads are always happy to help any member if they are stuck on a task. Our goal is to help you learn what you need so you can pass it down to future members.

Do I need to physically build the vehicle?

Although most members are interested in building the vehicle, we have so many roles in the team that you can have a completely hands-off position. Consider joining our operations sub-team or taking a focus on vehicle design.

When would I be able to drive the vehicle?

On our team, being the driver is a privilege. We choose this position based on the number of hours each member puts in and their driving ability. We would love to have you as a driver, but first, you need to show your commitment to our team.