Major events

Every year, the team sets up displays and participates in many events on the university campus and in the community. Here is a list of events we have attended in the past.

Picture courtesy of UW EngSoc, Nov. 2017
Event Description
Baja SAE Competition - April - May

The Baja SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) competition is a three-day event that puts the team's vehicle to the test. Events include: acceleration, hill climb, suspension, and maneuverability events.

The main event in the competition is a final grueling four-hour endurance race. Approximately 100 Baja teams will participate at every competition.

KW Santa Claus Parade - November

Decoration of vehicle and float which then participates in the KW Lion's Club Santa Claus Parade.

Fall Open House - November

Presentation of the vehicle, aimed at introducting high school students to engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Homecoming Engineering Alumni Event - September

Presentation of the vehicle to various alumni on campus during Homecoming.

Student Team Showcase - September

Presentation of the vehicle to first year students as part of an introduction to engineering student teams on campus.

Student Life 101 - July

A presentation of the vehicle at campus orientation event for 1st year students and their families.

ESQ Summer Camp Tours - June - August

An interactive presentation of vehicle to young summer campers on campus on a weekly basis throughout the summer.

You @ Waterloo Day (Open House) - May

Presentation of the vehicle to visiting high school students during the campus open house.

Kids Explorations Day - May

Presentation of the vehicle to visiting young students and their families on campus.

March Break Open House & Explorations - March

We set up an exhibit of the car for high school students interested in attending the university.

MME Capstone Design Symposium - March

Usually at least one forth year design group is involved with UW Baja. The team sets up a exhibit of the vehicle to show off their designs.