Each team is provided with a 10 HP Briggs and Stratton engine and a competition rulebook to which they must comply. Other than these constraints, the team is left free to design every other component of the vehicle.

Unparalleled learning experience

Our purpose is to provide all of our members with hands-on experience and real world engineering knowledge that cannot be obtained in the classroom alone.

The main advantage of the Baja team is that it enhances a student's classroom learning experience, ultimately augmenting their University Degree. Members of the UW Baja SAE team have all been exposed to skills such as machining, 3D CAD, creating drawings, FEA, and much more. Furthermore, students gain exposure to critical project management aspects of engineering, including teamwork, budgeting, time management, and work breakdown.

Members of the team eventually get to design a vehicle subsystem, manufacture it, and ultimately be responsible for its functionality.

  • The Team

    2018 marks the start of a new year for the UW Baja SAE Team. Our team is comprised of 20 UW Engineering students.

    4th year senior members are responsible for most of the design and optimization of the Baja Car while junior members assist, get their hands dirty, and learn as much as possible about engineering design.

    Interested in joining the team? Reach out to us by heading over to the contact page!

  • The Vehicle

    The University of Waterloo Baja vehicle is built to handle the most hostile terrain. Climbing hills, crawling through rocks, and blasting through mud? This car can do that.

    Each iteration of the car is tougher, faster, better.

  • The Community

    The Baja team has a yearly operating cost of roughly $25 000. The team relies heavily on the generosity of sponsors to remain liquid.

    Please visit the sponsors and events pages to find out how you can get involved!